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Butter my muffin… I mean my {COFFEE}

Butter in coffee from blushandlace.com

Good Morning! This is not what I had planned to go up this morning but it’s a 10:00AM switch around. Last night I was on IG looking at Paleo pictures and saw someone with butter coffee. I’m a coffee addict so I was immediately intrigued. Well here is the gist of it…

Have you tried this? WHY do I always feel like I’m living under a flipping rock?

This guy named David Asprey has a brand of coffee called Bulletproof coffee which he combines with real butter. Asprey discovered added real butter to his coffee on a trip to Tibet at the top of Mt Kailash (sounds fancy). Basically his brand of coffee “Bulletproof” has MCT Oil & fats but I’m not going to get into all of that.

People are claiming that this combo (coffee+butter)  makes you feel rejuvenated and full of energy, jumps your metabolism and actually promotes weightless. This coffee is apparently popular among people who follow the paleo diet, see my post on that HERE.  You can compare adding butter in coffee to adding cream to coffee, Asprey says butter contains the benefits of healthy milk fat and none of the damaging “denatured casein proteins found in cream”. Plus I’m pretty sure everything tastes better with butter especially when you are on a diet.

Well I’m going to try it, today, right now actually.

I’m not convinced really about the weight loss and increased energy (placebo effect?) and I’m seriously concerned that adding butter calories to coffee would only allow me to lose weight if I ate nothing else the entire day but still I really really really need to taste this.

I started googling this and Asprey says that adding butter to “bad” coffee is not a good idea and by “bad” coffee I’m assuming he’s talking about anything that is not his own brand. His brand includes MCT Oil which does not sound like anything I want to drink but also coconut oil (that I can manage). This is getting complicated so until I can get my hands on Aspreys $18.00 magical coffee I’m going to make two cups at my house just for taste purposes (plus I’m out of coffee creamer). If you want to check out his coffee for yourself click HERE.

My Two Cups

Butter Coffee Cup 1 = Standard Mug of coffee (about 10 oz) + 1 tablespoon(ish) of cold organic unsalted butter

Butter Coffee Cup 2 = Standard Mug of coffee (about 10 oz) + 1 tablespoon(ish) of cold organic unsalted butter + Half Tablespoon of Organic Virgin Coconut oil

It tastes like a silky cup of black coffee (but still dark if that makes sense) but it’s totally drinkable at first unfortunately for me it was bitter towards the end. I should tell you that when I drink regular coffee I do not put sugar or any kind of sweetener and use Horizon Organic Cream. If you use sugar you might to try adding the coconut oil which gives it a little richness and a little bit of a coconut tastes and made me feel like I had a little sweet in my coffee which also helped kick the bitterness.

Can’t comment on the energy or any of that because I’m drinking the coffee as I type this but I’ll update you later + I plan on getting my hands on this magic energy brain coffee and I’ll do another post.

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