Essential Makeup Brushes {on a budget}

Makeup Brushes on a Budget

Hi Lades, I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite makeup brushes on a budget. You can get everything pictured for under $50.00. A lot of the Real Technique brushes are on sale often at ULTA & if you do not fill in your brows you can skip the last brush. If you are new to makeup or looking for some bank friendly brushes to add to your collection, these are worth checking out.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: I generally mix foundation & moisturizer together and use this brush to buff my entire face in a circular motion.

e.l.f. Kabuki Brush: This reminds me of my forever HD brush but for a 1/4 of the cost. You can use this or the e.l.f. all over face brush for blending, bronzer application or setting powers.

Contouring Brush: I use this to contour under my cheeks, the sides of my forehead, the sides of my nose and just under my bottom lip. The angle is perfect for under cheek application and the smaller point helps with the sides of your nose.

The real techniques blush brush is my favorite budget brush. It’s so soft and it’s fluffy and blends my blush perfectly.

The e.l.f. studio fan brush is not an essential brush for a beginners makeup collection, but for $3.00 how can you not want one? It’s awesome to apply highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones and it’s great to clean up lose shadow under your eyes.

I LOVE these $1.00 shadow brushes from e.l.f., you can buy a bunch of them to get you through the week (if you wear different shadow often), I hate washing my makeup brushes and since these work so well it’s easy to hoard them.

This sephora collection brush is my favorite because it has the spool on one end and a nice angled brush on the other end which is perfect for brows or touching up shadow onto eye liner.

Makeup Brushes on a Budget

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