Sugar Leg Scrub {secret to silky just shaved sexy legs}


DIY Sugar Leg Scrub

Okay ladies, just in time for Valentine’s Day here is a really quick DIY Sugar Scrub for sexy smooth just shaved legs. The best part is most of the ingredients you probably have right in your kitchen and you can switch out ingredients based on what you have on hand …. speaking from experience.

I normally make a brown sugar scrub and use it for a full body exfoliation, but because I wanted to shave my legs and get a super smooth feel I opted for white sugar (or Truvia in this case because apparently I used all my white sugar for holiday baking and never replaced it). I would not recommend using brown sugar as a substitue for this because the crystals might be a little too large and cause an irritation since you are shaving.

What you need: 

  • White Sugar (Truvia worked) but  Splenda or other non-sugar sweeteners will not work because it will dissolve in the oil, make sure it has a white sugar consistency
  • Oil of your choice, I used olive oil
  • One Lemon
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Razor

DIY Sugar Leg Scrub

I added one cup of sugar into my mixing bowl, poured the olive oil starting with 1/4 a cup and wanted to see the consistency after the lemon juice (based on how much I could squeeze out).

Pour some Olive Oil

I squeezed both half’s of the lemon in the bowl & mixed.

DIY Sugar Leg Scrub


I gave it a little stir and the consistency was just perfect. You want it to be somewhat thick from the sugar but still liquid enough to spread and moisten your leg. If you think it’s too dry just add a little more olive oil or if it’s too liquidity you can add more sugar. I wouldn’t recommend letting it sit for too long because the oil separated from the mixture a little and before I used it I just had to give it a little stir again.

Shaving Process: 

  1. Draw a warm bath and let your legs soak for at least 10 minutes

  2. Scrub your leg with the sugar scrub for a few minutes

  3. Rinse the scrub away and apply a shaving cream or high moisture soap and shave as normal, rinse.

  4. Scrub your leg again with the sugar scrub (yup, do it again)

  5. Shave again & rinse as normal.

  6. Repeat with the other leg.

Yes, I know that sounds labor intensive but it goes really quick and is worth it. When I got out of the tub (which was disgusting by the way) I patted my legs with a towel to get rid of most of the water and applied lotion (lots) when they were still damp. Once my legs were completely dry they were smooth smooth smooth and I was happy happy happy (until I remembered my bathtub).

Let me caution you… when you get out of the tub be careful because you will have an oil residue so you need to rinse it good so you don’t slip AND you’ll probably have lots of other disgusting things like hair and tons of dead skin (even if you thought your legs were rockin before) because this scrub is just so incredible.

Enjoy your gorgeous glowing supermodel legs. XO – Katie



    • Support says:

      You can use any scrub you would like and shave as directed and get similar results but I would advise against using a large crystal scrub or a harsh abrasive scrub, especially after you shave. The lemon in here also helps remove dead skin.

  1. Lisa says:

    What a great recipe and method! Loved sluffing off all of my dead eczema skin – winner right here! I only made half the recipe and it was more than enough, for anyone thinking about that.

  2. I used this last week and am IN LOVE!!! I used olive oil this time but wanted to try it with coconut oil next time….but coconut oil has to be heated to become a liquid so how would that work exactly?? I appreciate your help!

    • Katie Marie says:

      When I leave a jar of coconut oil in the bathroom it tends to stay in liquid form but my bathroom is on the warm side…. I would suggest warming the coconut oil and adding a little olive oil after to help keep it in liquid form… Add the sugar and lemon and you should be good to go. You could also skip the olive oil… This will depend on the temperature of the environment. Coconut oil is my favorite right now.

    • Katie Marie says:

      Hands and arms for sure. For me personally I haven’t tried in my armpits, I’m pretty sensitive in that area so I would be worried about irritation BUT if irritation or sensitivity is not a concern for you, you can use this to shave anywhere you would exfoliate with a sugar scrub.

    • Katie Marie says:

      I think vinegar is a great sub for lemon.. The smell probably was not great but I’m glad you liked the end result. Maybe apple cider vinegar next time… Which is also a great hair rinse.

    • Katie Marie says:

      Hi Carley, The acid in Lemons is great for their gental and natural exfoliation. This helps remove the dead skin, in addition to the sugar scrub. Lemon is also a natural brightener so it helps give that even looking glow. Because lime is also high in citric acid I would say it’s Perfectly acceptable to sub it for lemon. Let me know how it goes for you.

  3. Kayle says:

    I made this last night and I don’t think it looks right. I followed the directions…I was told to use veg. Oil (think that may have been the problem. I figured it would have a yellow color and smell like lemon. Maybe I’m wrong. Any ideas on what I could have done wrong or did I do it right?

    • Katie Marie says:

      I would suggest using olive oil and it will smell mostly like olive oil with a little lemon (vegetable oil smells and is not as moisturizing as olive). If you are concerned about the smell try adding a little essential oil like lavender or vanilla which you can get at the body shop or similar. Regarding color, this is coming from the color of the oil which is the largest quantity ingredient. The lemon is not enough to make it a lemonade color / smell which you might have envisioned.

    • Katie Marie says:

      I haven’t tried it but would say it would be okay to mix pure lemonade with the sugar so you still get a scrub but using lemonade that has the sugar dissolved will not give you the scrub effect.

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