Spotting Ripe Bananas (pun totally intended)

Ripe Spotty Bananas

Happy Monday! We are going to talk about something very important today, bananas. A major staple in my diet and lifestyle right now and this one little fact about them has changed my life. FACT: BANANAS ARE NOT RIPE UNTIL THEY ARE SPOTTY LIKE A LEOPARD – SEE EXAMPLE Once you realize this, bananas will …

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Holiday Cranberry & Apple Detox Juice

Cranberry Apple Detox Juice with VitaMineral Green

Happy Sunday – The holidays are in full swing around here and my house has turned into Christmas wonderland. We’ve already started attending holiday parties for work and other social activities we are involved with and my diet has been taking a punch. I hardly drink during the year, maybe a glass of wine or two …

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My Favorite Lemon Rice Soup

vegan lemon rice soup low fat low salt plant based raw till 4 soup

I wanted to share some of my favorite vegan foodie inspirations on social media, I follow these ladies regularly + some of my go to foods and my absolute favorite lemon rice soup recipe with you guys. XO The community: One of the things I love the most is this vegan community. Everyone is so …

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Oil Free Crispy Oven Baked Potatoes

Baked no oil crispy chips potatoes with lettuce

Going back to work today is going to be rough especially after the long weekend. I was planning to do a little Banana Island trip this week since I knew I would (and I did) eat pretty awful all weekend over the 4th of July holiday. I ate a lot of “vegan junk food” and …

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Happy First Day of Summer {a few days late}


I’m always two days late and a dollar short in life! It’s not my fault though, on the first day of summer I had such amazing intentions of posting something spectacular but I ended up editing the website. Yeah, I’m still working out how that’s not my fault. I’m rebuilding Blush & Lace and if …

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Pretty in Pink: Perfect Lip Combo

Too Faced Melted and Buxom Pink Lady Blush and Lace

Hey Sweet Girls! I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite lip combo right now and a lipgloss that I am absolutely obsessed with. Both these products are so pretty alone and together it’s like magic happened. Let me start with the Too Faced Melted long wear lipstick in Melted Peony. The only way …

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Easy Homemade Veggie Sushi

Blush & Lace Veggie Sushi

Big News! Three days ago something amazing happened… I made Sushi. If you make Sushi all the time your probably not impressed but I have to admit this was a pretty big deal for me. Ever since I saw Samantha make all that Sushi in Sex and the City years ago it’s been on a bucket list …

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Why SUNSHINE can be GOOD for you!


The sun seriously has a bad reputation. We blame it for wrinkles, sun spots, burns, dried plants and crops, cancer, discoloration… the list goes on. Yesterday I was having a textersation (you know, a conversation over text message) with a friend and I briefly mentioned how we just need to stop focusing on all the …

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Summer Reading + 80/10/10 Review

80/10/10 Dr. Douglas Graham

I’m a huge reader and I have two particular topics of interest, actually three topics,  1. Food & Nutrition Books, 2. Business Books & 3. Harry Potter. I split my reading time mostly between food and business and mix the latest and greatest fiction book in the pile. When I was in college I read a lot …

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What I Ate Wednesday #1

Blueberry Smoothie

At least once a day I take pictures of the things I eat and post them to Instagram or just end up doing nothing with them since it’s not really enough to dedicate to an entire post. Since I personally find food pictures so inspiring and I’m always curious about what healthy things people are eating …

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Banana Milk, Banana Milk, Banana Milk

Banana Milk

When I first heard about banana milk it was a passing thought that I wasn’t interested in. I’m not a big milk person so the name kind of grosses me out and I immediately associated this with barf strawberry milk. You know that weird pink milk your boyfriend buys at 7-11 and it makes the whole …

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Low-Fat Vegan Curry Vegetable Soup


Good Morning Folks – Long time no blog, right?  I haven’t been blogging very much lately since I’ve been going through a bunch of personal transitions (more on that later) but I think life has calmed down a bit so after a big withdrawal period, I’m back at it. I’ve been pretty active on Pinterest …

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Meatless Monday: Mushroom Ragu

Mushroom Ragu with Speg Squash

If you feel like you are suffering from Paleo overload (like myself) you probably need to add a meatless Monday into your routine. This was actually a meatless weekend for me and tomorrow will be the same. I just finished reading and cooking weekly food plans from a Paleo cookbook (more on that later) and …

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Thirsty Thursday… & other things.

Jennifer Aniston Smart Water

Happy thirsty Thursday, or if we were on Instagram, happy throwback Thursday. Yesterday I picked up a huge bottle of smartwater from the grocery store around lunchtime, it’s 50.7 fl oz. I thought that if I could just take this bottle with me everywhere and progressively drink it, I would almost consume my minimum water …

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The Magic of Bee Pollen & Fruit


Last week I was sick with a cold all week, it was not a debilitating cold but just mild and annoying. My nose is just heeling from all the tissue. I picked up Bee Pollen over the previous weekend (right before the cold hit) and jinxed myself in the kitchen when I said, “I plan to …

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